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Simple, secure and safe access to gain access to your online applications

Everyday we are working to become the online desktop for all accountancy firms and there relations

Your personal desktop, everywhere and anytime avaliable

SecureLogin could be compared at best with your local desktop, but then online. SecureLogin offers SingleSignOn towards your online services. Then you staff and your customers will have be centralized at the same entry.

“The SecureLogin team have helped us take our cloud accounting offering to a new level. Not only do they provide a valuable and safe service to our client but they also provide valuable insights into how we can improve and challenge the way that we work and interact with our clients.”
Jamie Allen, ecovis

More than a password manager

No more hassle to search for loginboxes, usernames and passwords. In the initial start-up an user should provide there credentials once.

Security is in our DNA

All the credentials which you store within SecureLogin will be encrypted wihtin a ISO and NEN certified datacenter. All external connections are encrypted with SSL therefore we can assure a secure login towards an other application. Our 2FA (SMS login) provides an additional login.

Create your own look & feel and your own URL

Securelogin is fully capable to adjust to your look & feel due several easy-to-use options within the applciations. Besides that we also offer a Wordpress Plugin so yopur users are able to login via your own website.

Every week we are adding new SingleSignOn's

Continuously looking for co-creation with accountantcyfirms and software vendors. Therefore we are capable to set-up new connections in short period. If your applications are not connected yet, please let us know.